WKU joins Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate

WKU is one of 22 new graduate schools of education to be accepted into the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate as members of the consortium.

The institutions join more than 80 current schools of education in the important work of redesigning professional practice preparation in education for the improvement of Pre K-20 education and the organizations that support it. CPED institution members and their faculty engage in a model of professional development to learn from and with each other the best ways to design professional preparation.

“Although I believe our current program aligns to the ‘spirit’ of many of the guiding principles and design-concepts of CPED, I look forward to the opportunity to learn about models of excellence within CPED by which to evaluate and improve our program,” said Tony Norman, Director of WKU’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program.

Providing essential leadership and representation at CPED meetings will be Sam Evans, Dean of the College Education and Behavioral Sciences; Margie DeSander, Chair of the Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research; and Dr. Norman, who serves as Principal Investigator.

“WKU being selected to join the CPED Consortium could not have come at a better time for our Educational Leadership Doctoral Program,” Dr. Norman said.

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Contact: Tony Norman, (270) 745-3061